Industrial refrigeration and electromechanical projects of high quality


Apeirotan Construction Company is based in Ioannina and deals with the Construction manufacture of specialized technical projects.

Key Areas

1. Manufacture of cold storage systems of medium and large size

2. Manufacture of integrated cooling stores

3. Manufacture of controlled atmosphere cooling stores for fruit and vegetables (kiwi, apple, citrus, etc)

4. Manufacture of industrial air conditioning systems in areas with special requirements, such as workshops where the cheese matures or the meat is standardized, pastry shops, bakeries, etc

5. Manufacture of medium voltage electrical installations and large-sized industrial installation of low voltage

6. Manufacture of plumbing installations for industry

7. Manufacture of integrated automation systems and control facilities, using industrial computers PLC and software of its own creation, as well as remote management and alarm systems


The basic principal which the company deals with projects it undertakes and which sets out the way its staff work, is the priority given to quality and reliability of the output. The accumulated experience together with scientific knowledge and proper planning enables it to combine high quality results and short-time delivery. The key factor of reliability is the right choice of equipment and material suppliers who are well-known and hold the leadership in the market. Indicatively:

  • BITZER (Germany) refrigeration plant compressors
  • HELPMAN (Netherlands) air condensers and air-cooled condensers
  • GUENTNER (Germany) air condensers and air-cooled condensers
  • KUEBA (Germany) air condensers and air-cooled condensers
  • PFI (Italy) refrigerators’ and industrial sites’ doors
  • ROYAL FRIGO (Italy) prefabricated collapsible refrigerators
  • ΑΒΒ (Sweden) electrical equipments
  • CAREL (Italy) control and automation materials of refrigeration plants

Each project is studied separately and before the start of its constructional the necessary studies for its implementation are completed. In this way, the proper and quick implementation of the projects is ensured as well as the timely supply of raw materials and the proper planning of the crews.

With the implementation of the above, Apeirotan Construction Company is able to offer long-term guarantee while having an extremely low rate of failures in the establishments it has delivered and still maintains.

This policy has been rewarded by the market and Apeirotan Construction Company can boast about its leading position in this field, in the wide area of Northwestern Greece, but of course without complacenting. On the contrary, it constantly works on its weak points in order to improve as much as possible.